Emma Garrard


United Kingdom 2019

Original work - 17000.00 GBP

Limited edition hand finished canvas

bespoke size starting from - 1700.00 GBP

Poster 60 x 90 cn - 50.00 GBP

Surrender and soften to allow the healing to take place. Let your heart flower and blossom.

Ink, Acrylic, Oil, Casine, Chalk and Gold Leaf on Canvas

Framed in Brushed wood frame with glass

This image is a self portrait showing the ego or the ideas of self melting away, as an expression of the artist's experience during an ayahuasca ceremony. The snake represents the medicine known as 'mother,' moving through the body. The face is blurred because the old self is melting away. She lays back to surrender as the healing blooms from her heart.

When you first lie down, it's scary. You don't know what is coming and even when you have visited with her a few times, you still don't know what's ahead of you.

As the anticipation grows, you feel her start to move through you. I've heard her described as a snake and I can see why. I've felt the sensations of constriction and tension as she works her healing through my body. If you can, relax. Let the ego dissolve. Let the mind that wants to interrupt and control fall to the side. Hold the space like meditation. When the self can fall back, the heart flower will open and shine.

Kookaburrah Queen

Australia 2019

Original- 12000.00 GBP

Limited edition hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes starting from - 1800.00 GBP

Small 60 x 90cm 50.00 GBP

Med 100 x 150 cm 120.00 GBP

Large 150 x 225 cm. 180.00 GBP

This painting was created for the Earth Frequency Gathering held at Ivory's Rock, Queens Land, Australia

In 2019 huge wildfires tore through Australia leaving damage and sadness in their wake. This painting shows Kookaburrahs, Carpet Pythons, and Dahlia Flowers. It is told in Aboriginal dream stories, that the Kookaburras are present to laugh the new day into existence, to wake the people, and to bring the light from fires lit by the sky people.

The Kookaburra, which means "of the earth,' sends a powerful message to stay grounded, honest, humble, and most of all, to find joy in a life connected to the land. Inspiration came after learning about the 'Flora and Fauna Act'. The Dhalia flowers placed in the piece symbolize grace and kindness in the midst of life's pressures and set backs. They stand for beauty, commitment, and kindness. They also contain resilience and steadfastness reflected in their ability to bloom in the face of destruction.

The Dancer

New Zealand 2019

Original- 12000.00 GBP

Limited edition hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 1420.00 GBP

Posters - 50.00 GBP

Acrylic, casine and gold leaf on raw canvas

This work is inspired by the concept of spirit dance. The owl represents the wisdom of the night, the silent protector holding space for the dancer as she transforms energy. As she moves, she embodies the shamanic trance in breath and body; connecting deeply with the source of the divine.

From dark to light, day to night, shadow work to dance into the bright. Bring in the new with what we do. In sacred dance, all can be moved through.

Kissing Shadows

Barcelona 2020

Original- 20,000.00 GBP

Limited edition hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 1800.00 GBP

Poster 85.00 GBP

Acrylic, casine, and gold leaf on raw canvas

The figure is a female form made of birds as she kisses a male shadow figure in the sky. This piece was created after leaving a toxic relationship. The artist realized she was projecting parts of herself that she was not honoring, into the romantic partnership. This piece was created to remind her that everything she needed was already inside of her. It is to remind her to fall in love with the shadow aspects of herself. The masculine and feminine are already present within and she is already whole. One need not seek externally, but rather fall in love with all that you already are.

I sacrificed me so i could love you

I though you were the sky and the things I could not do

and then behind your eyes I found the shadow side

of myself and yourself and all the parts we try to hide

I lifted you higher than I thought I was

I thought you were wiser and higher to god

I was unable to see what I sought was in me

I did not believe what I was able to be

I put my desires misplaced in your mould

I had forgotten my soul is also carved of gold

as our path fell apart and I ripped at the seams

my heart hit restart and I continued to breath,

as I deepened my breath and my eyes turned inside

I saw how much of my self I had chosen to hide

unaware that the light in me was so bright

I was held on to you like it was dear life

what I needed to do was chill out over you

for the heart space to see what I need is in me

I am more than enough and I have all the stuff

I just needed to do what I was doing for you

as I look deep inside where my gold soul resides

I learned that our love can run side by side

but first I must learn to look to myself

to hold this lover higher than anything else

everything that I need resides deep with in me

living in love for myself being all i can be


United Kingdom 2019

Original - 2400.00 GBP

Limited Edition Hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 1500.00 GBP

Posters - 50.00 GBP

Acrylic, oil ad casine on raw canvas

Atlas moth and skull study.

Energy is never gone, it can only transmute. The same as the stars, sun, and moon. We will all return home to a world outside of this mind's memory, and when we do, we will move in the beautiful natural order of the universe. The most sacred of journeys back to source.

the last breath as metamorphosis begins.....

The Star

Joshua Tree California USA 2019

Original 12200.00 GBP

Hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 1500.00 GBP

Posters - 50.00 GBP

This painting was started in Home, Alaska in a 1970 Ford Chinook RV. When the artist was driving through a steep mountain pass close to Crescent Lake, Oregon, the breaks failed. The artist navigated this 22-foot antique relic down the sharp gradient toward town to take refuge with a local family, the matriarch of that family is the woman depicted.

While she was in town a tiny bird crashed into the roof of the property, the woman collected the bird, held it to her heart, and poured her love into it. The small bird soon recovered and took flight back into the sky.

This painting acts as a mirror of the love and kindness bestowed upon me by this family. They gifted their heart star and it emanates bright to heal broken wings and to set them again for strong flight.

Green Tara

Mexico 2022

Limited Edition Hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 1500.00 GBP

Poster 50 x 70 cm . 108.00 GBP

Green Tara is the goddess of compassion and action. She is ready to hear your prayers, remove fears, and obstacles, and bring blessings into your life. She manifests your dreams fast! The canvas serves as a meditation tool. She encourages you to merge with her energy and bring her power into your endeavors.

Pictured here with master plants San Pedro, Peyote, Cannabis, Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, Ibogaine, and tobacco as well as the Kambo and Buffo frogs. This project was created for Anarcapulco 2022 and is displayed at ESPD55 for The McKenna Academy of Natural Philosophy.

Original created and auctioned for Charity at Anarchapulco, Mexico

Hand finished canvas with addition flower of life print and gold leaf detailing

Limited Edition 108 posters

Green Tara Gold Edition

Mexico 2022

Original -11000.00 GBP

Hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 1800.00 GBP

Poster 60 cm x 80 cm - 180.00 GBP

This special edition Green Tara was created upon the same foundation as the original Green Tara but with an extra level of opulence, she stands for abundance, and she is a bringer of blessings and wishes.

Hand-finished items will include textural light-activated iridescent details that add extra depth and dimension to the piece.

Om Tara Tuttare Ture Soha


Italy 2018

Original 8200.00 GBP

Posters 40 x 60 cm - 50.00 GBP.

Painted after a dieta with chiri sanago and kambo initiation in Peru. This image shows the teachers that were encountered in human, plant and animal and the gifts of information passing between teacher and student.

The Journey

Vienna 2017

Original 8200.00 GBP

Posters 40 x 60 cm - 50.00 GBP.

This is a tribute to my dear friend Gem, we had recently travelled together through India.

on returning home she discovered she was pregnant with her son.

The love that pored from Gem filled the universe. This image celebrates her journey in to Motherhood and the love that is the manifestation of the divine mother.

This image shows the hands of the mother, the soul of the child and the hands of god all working together to weave the DNA codes of spirit.

''Painted during the week my business completed its sale and I prepared to let go of everything I knew, everything society had told me I had to be and everything that i understood was blocking me inside.

I was going through a spiritual death.

I was releasing everything I had in the material world. My home, my belongings and my career. Reducing my worldly belonging to what could be carried in my backpack. I surrendered all ideas I had about myself to set forth and heal the in-balances I had identified with in myself. The only thing I knew, was that I did't know. Anything I thought I knew wasn't going to work, I must learn a new way and I had to surrender the old self to be able to fully listen to the universe for it to show me what i needed to do to heal myself and teach me a new way of being.''


Vienna 2015


Limited Edition Hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 1800.00 GBP

Small - 60cm H x 40cm W - 50.00 GBP

Med - 90cm H x 60cm W - 80.00 GBP

Large - 150cm H x 100cm W - 120.00 GBP

X Large - 225cm H x 150cm W- 180.00 GBP

For the Mother, for the sacred songs and prayers from spirit shared in ceremony. This is a representation of visions experienced during Jenita's songs. The unfurling of images represents information flowing from spirit, through the space holder through the vocal cords. This then sends vibrational healing to the land, to the oceans, and through generational bloodlines.


Australia 2018

Original 8200.00 GBP

40cm x 60 cm - 50.00 GBP

EEskawata Kaya Wai translates as transformation. The words plant seeds of transformation deep within your heart. Love is our driving force. Love is.

Love is what makes our familia so strong. . . it's love. For we love a lot, and we love each one of us; we love our brothers and sisters so much.

A donation from all sales of this image will go towards helping stop human trafficking.

The Prayer

England 2017

Original - private collection

40cm x 60 cm - 60.00 GBP

PDF text of full prayer

audio recording of prayer reading

closing ceremony at Medicine Festival 2020

A donation from all sales of this image will go towards helping stop human trafficking.

Break Through

Barcelona 2020

Original 8200.00 GBP

Hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 500.00 GBP

Casine, Oil, Mica and Gold Leaf

Created during the start of lockdown in Barcelona, this work represents pushing through and finding a way.

As the old structure falls apart, as the world takes off its skin, with focus and patience the life force finds its way through. To live a different way than before.

100 Monkeys

United Kingdom 2021

Limited edition hand finished canvas

bespoke sizes available starting from - 1800.00 GBP

email for details

small - 50cm H x 40cm W- 50.00GBP

med - 90cm H x 70cm W - 80.00 GBP

large - 113cm H x 90cm H - 120.00 GBP

This painting was originally created using mixed media, it contains 111 different monkeys. It is a symbolic story representing the concept of collective consciousness. Deep healing can take place within the realm of collective consciousness. This piece was created during a study of IQM Level 1 (Integrated Quantum Medicine). IQM is a methodology of quantum energy healing in which practitioners make corrections in the collective web. This can then heal traumas from the past, present, and future.

Humming Bird

Ibiza 2021

Original 1300.00 GBP

5.8 x 8.3 inches

The original piece is a mixed media study including acrylic, oil mica, pastel, casine, and gold leaf. Within the image, I explored texture and light-activated colour shift paint techniques. This gives the image depth and shows the true iridescence of the hummingbird in nature.

The hummingbird is a symbol of strength and will, determination and ingenuity. Go forth and be courageous and strong in your heart little hummingbird, you are a sacred messenger from the divine.


healing and energy transmutation practice.

Italy 2017

I have included this work and process to demonstrate a service that I can provide. It can be used as inspiration for your own practice or I can teach you the same process for you to integrate into your personal work.

This process provided me with deep healing. In this life, I am forced to move through some fears of being seen. This makes public speaking a huge challenge for me. During the creation of this intentional piece, I was able to locate the block and pull it out. Through this process, the restriction of energy was transformed. I was then able to focus my intentions and healing on a different and expansive experience.

This is an intimate and vulnerable space in my portfolio. This body of work serves as a deep healing tool. This method of painting is much more about the creative process than the end result. It is a deep and efficient practice for me.

Please reach out to me by email if you have any questions about my process products or services or if you would like to explore this work more deeply. I am here.

This is my painted diary

The stories I have told

When my body's turned to dust

The pages faded and old

This is where my heart remains

The expresions of my soul

Emma Garrard

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